"Preciosa" White RISERVA 15 BalsamOro “Strass” 250ml

Code: CN7422TS

Product Detail

CN7422TO - “Gold Tube”
CN7422TS - “Strass Tube”
250 ml - 8.45 fl . oz - 6 pz x box

White Balsamic Condiment
Ideal for: appetizers, fi nger-food, salads, raw and cooked vegetables, fi sh, meat,
Carpaccio, cold cuts, tender or hard cheeses, fruit salad, cheesecakes, ice creams,
pancakes, marinades, vinaigrettes and dips, cocktails. As a natural sweetener for
smoothies and hot drinks. 

Two options of packaging: refined gold tube or glittering tube entirely covered with gold strass crystals.



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